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Examination Management System (E.M.S.) [Download]

Important Note(s) Regarding Examination Management System (E.M.S.)

  • You will need to have Microsoft Office ® 2016 Runtime ® X86 or X64 (depending on the operating system (Microsoft ® Windows ®) present on your computer; X86 for 32 bit and X64 for 64 bit) installed on your machine in order to run the E.M.S.. Please, download Microsoft Office ® 2016 Runtime ® from Microsoft’s official website.
  • The Examination Management System (E.M.S.) is ideal for Pakistani colleges and universities with Semester or Annual system. In case of annual system enter 0 in semester or don't enter it at all. The E.M.S. is free and easy to use with clean interface. In case of any question, suggestion or problem feel free to contact awais_multani@msn.com.
  • As the E.M.S. download does not have standard .exe file in setup thus shortcut shall not be created on your computer‘s desktop. In order to create the shortcut, open the folder where you installed the E.M.S. and look for file named ‘Students_Marks.accdr’. Then right mouse click on the file and go to ‘Send to’ menu option then click on ‘Desktop (Create Shortcut)’. The shortcut shall be placed on your computer‘s desktop. You can change the icon by looking into its properties and clicking ‘Change Icon’ button and selecting the icon you like or use the default.
  • You shall need at least Microsoft ® Windows XP ® Service Pack 2 or higher to run the E.M.S.. However, for better performance and less compatibility issues, Microsoft ® Windows 7 ® is recommended. You should have a processing power of at least 2 G.Hz. available with a R.A.M. of 1 G.B. for 32 bit Windows XP ® and 2 G.B. for 32 bit Windows 7 ® or of 2 G.B. for 64 bit Windows XP ® and 4 G.B. for 64 bit Windows 7 ® to get satisfactory and speedy performance. An L.C.D. or if you can afford, an L.E.D. with supporting resolution of 1440 x 960 is recommended for crisper experience.

Disclaimer Regarding Examination Management System (E.M.S.)

The use of E.M.S. is on your own responsibility as the product is being delivered on as is bases. Although, product is being tested extensively yet bugs may be there that may cause the loss of your data. In case of such an event, the developer shall not be responsible and thus cannot be held liable for any law-suit whatsoever.

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